Road Rash Paint Repair For Dealerships

Xpress Recon Paint Chip and Scratch Repair for Automotive Dealers

From paint chips to scrapes to road rash, our paint chip repair and reconditioning service can dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle while adding value to your bottom line.

Our final product usually results in a imperfection free vehicle that will sell quicker and for more money.

Our services are mobile, so we perform the paint chip and scratch repair service on site at your dealership.

We’ve perfected a mobile spray less paint recon system that eliminates overspray liability and EPA regulations, which allows us to conduct 100 percent of our process on location.

Best of all, we carry no heavy electrical machinery and there is no need to move vehicles. This eliminates downtime and makes the entire process easy for dealerships.

The XpressRecon Paint Chip Repair service enables your dealership to transform a mediocre vehicle into frontline ready condition — increasing its value and the likelihood that it is sold.

Presenting a vehicle free of imperfections can increase sales and improve your bottom line. And, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Blemishes and scratches – no matter how minor — can degrade the value of a used vehicle as well as take away from the appearance. These slight visual imperfections could even be inhibiting your sales.

Now, there’s a quick and easy solution that will take your car to polished, perfect condition and translate to money in the bank.

XpressRecon offers the highest quality, most economical solution for on-the-spot vehicle repair.

Benefits of XpressRecon Paint Chip Repair Service

• No downtime, no chips, no objections More sales
• Expert color matching
• No detection by paint meter
• Environmentally friendly – No EPA problems
• Superior to touch up paint- Alternative to painting the whole car
• Best satisfaction guarantee policy in the industry

Contact us today, so we can provide a free, on-site demo of our paint repair products.

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