Interior & Exterior Detailing For Dealerships



Our Promise. Leave Your Detailing To Us. You Won’t Regret It.

Our on-site mobile dealership detailing will  increase the appearance and value of your vehicles with professinal detailing, reconditioning and paint protection services – all at an affordable cost.

Using the best equipment and the highest quality products available, we can customize a comprehensive detailing package that incorporates complete auto reconditioning or just a basic cleaning – it’s up to you.

Real Value. Real Results. Real Service.

Dry Wash / Wipe Down
Our environmentally friendly technique completely cleans the entire exterior of the vehicle without the use of water. Our most popular wash technique due environmental restrictions.

Service Wet Wash
Our wet washing technique ensures that the entire exterior of the vehicle is completely clean and soil free. The vehicle is dried and spot-free when complete.

Complete Interior Detail
Our thorough interior cleaning and detailing process is truly first-class. All of the carpeting and upholstery vacuumed and then dry cleaned or extracted depending on material. All hard and soft surfaces are deep cleaned, sanitized and detailed. All wood and trim is polished. All leather seating and material is deep cleaned and conditioned in addition, all windows are cleaned with the option of applying the Rain-X® application upon request.

Exterior Wax Application
Our wax application service reveals a high-gloss finish on all exterior painted surfaces. Regular exterior wax applications will not only keep vehicle looking great but also protect the paint by providing a barrier to contaminants such as UV rays and corrosive environment. Professional grade waxes are proven to greatly extend the life of the paint.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Cleaning leather is an art. Our leather cleaning and conditioning system is the best way to maintain the look, feel, color and smell of your fine leather. First we steam clean to clear out the pores to let the skin breath and then apply professional grade cleaning and condition processes. Regular cleaning and conditioning will prolong the life and look of your leather for years to come.

Interior Deodorization, Sanitization & Protection by DrivePur®
In-car surface and air pollution is a major health issue worldwide. It can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, and other serious illnesses that hamper productivity and jeopardize lives. Yet, the most common solution is to simply ignore the problem and pretend it doesn’t exist. Sadly, it does. Now there is a way to fight back. DrivePur® is your ammunition against harmful bio-pollution lurking in your vehicle. Fight back with DrivePur®

Interior Dry Cleaning
Our unique dry cleaning process deep cleans and sanitizes carpeting and upholstery with the use of steam or water which on certain materials can be damaging.

Carpet & Upholstery STEAM CLEAN 
Our steam cleaning process deep cleans carpeting and upholstery to get them looking their best. Little water is used, however, all carpeting is completely dried during the process to eliminate the possibility of mold.

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