Interior Germ Buster and Sanitization For Dealerships

Increase Your Vehicle Profits with The DrivePur Beyond Clean Dealership Certification.

drivepurecertifiedlogoIt would be challenging to quantify exactly how many customers walk into your dealership and leave because a car they were interested in buying had a foul odor. Odors like cigarette smoke, pet dander or mildew can kill a car sale.

Don’t let these preventable problems inhibit your sales potential. Fight back with DrivePur!

XpressRecon offers three DrivePur options for dealerships:

The Spot RefresherWe walk around your lot and treat only treating problem vehicles.

The Constant Clean Package – Our Xpress Recon Dealership Services  DrivePur certifies all the vehicles on your lot, performing a weekly refresh of your entire inventory.

Do-It-Yourself Profit Center – Purchase the equipment and chemicals, and you perform the services in house. We will provide training for you and your staff to become DrivePur certified.drivepurfogger

DrivePur is a highly effective system that’s proven to get rid of odors, kill germs, lift stains and remove mold.

It can also be your ammunition against hidden dangers like harmful bio-pollution lurking in your vehicles.

Consumers have grown increasingly worried about the hidden dangers of viruses, bacteria and germs in not only the vehicles they drive, but also the vehicles that they buy. By making sure your vehicles are free of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs, you offer your customers peace of mind. You also demonstrate that your dealership cares about them as well as their family’s safety and well-being.

For a product sample or demonstration, call us. We’ll gladly come to your site and provide a free sample.

View our demonstration video!

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DrivePur Dealership Services Video

The DrivePur Protection System is a revolutionary new and environmentally friendly odor, germ and allergen removal system for car’s, boat’s and RV’s. At DrivePur, we focus on improving the everyday environment of life; by applying environmentally-friendly principles in all our products. Our aim is to enhance the quality of the surfaces we touch and the in-car air that we breathe.

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