Tips to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Tips to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job 

Protecting your automobile’s paint job with auto detailing from Xpress Recon is an investment in the duration of your vehicle and in your car’s resale value when you become ready to upgrade to a newer set of four wheels. Paint chipping and aggravating scratches on your car doors or car hood are easy to notice and stand out like a nasty stain to the casual observer. Confront the possibility of cosmetic auto defects by utilizing these tips to protect your paint job.

Frequent Car Washes
Skipping over regular car washes is the automotive equivalent to only brushing your teeth twice a month. Dirt and debris builds up and can contaminate your vehicle’s paint job just like dirty teeth leads to cavities and ruined enamel. Filth can also cause scratches and blur spots on your car’s paint job that you may not even notice until they become out of control. DiamondBrite manufactures car cleaning chemicals that include: shampoo, glass cleaner, car polish, upholstery cleaner, alloy wheeler cleansers and glass cleaners as well. By also utilizing professional auto detailing services from Xpress Recon, your automobile’s paint job can remain in pristine condition.

Don’t Forget Car Wax
A car wash is just the start. Protect your vehicle’s paint job from scratches, paint chipping, weather damage and rust by not only getting your auto detailing needs handled by Xpress Recon, but by also drying off your automobile with a soft cloth or micro fiber and administering a proper coat of car wax to keep your automobile’s paint job looking vivacious.

Weather Protection
If you don’t have access to store your vehicle in an indoor parking garage, be sure to protect that precious paint job by keeping your car in a shaded area to avoid sunlight damage that leads to fading and uneven paint and cracked interior upholstery. Brutally cold weather conditions can also cause paint job problems from hailstorms, ice and snow salt that is used to keep sidewalks paved.

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