The Biggest Causes of Paint Chipping on Cars

The Biggest Causes of Paint Chipping on Cars

How many times have you approached your vehicle and have been suddenly disturbed by the unsavory sight of paint chipping or scratches on your car or SUV? You begin mentally retracing your steps, wondering how your automobile’s seemingly flawless paint job has been compromised. Instead of losing sleep assuming what could have happened, consider a few of the biggest causes of paint chipping on cars to provide   reasons for your new need for auto detailing by Xpress Recon.

Road Situations

Your car’s paint job is not a fan of hazardous road conditions that can be caused by debris from car collisions and scattered gravel and concrete remnants from roadside construction work. Quite often it is the miniscule salt, sand, dirt, glass and wood chips that may have accidently fallen off of a freight truck or have been tossed out of cars. Paint chipping and scratching on your automobile’s paint can occur, so try to avoid any sign of road disturbances.

Weather Conditions
When your car is exposed to heavy heat during high temperature weather, your “paint job” can convert to “paint jobless” at any moment. Paint chipping becomes a much more probable result after the heat has caused it to bubble up after sitting unprotected in direct, high humidity sun rays for countless hours in a parking lot. But make no mistake; cold weather is also a very malicious villain when it comes to the causes of paint chipping on vehicles. Extreme gusts of wind, snowstorms and brutal ice are notorious for turning a smooth paint job into a chipped up disaster. Fight back against unsightly automotive paint damage caused by weather conditions with auto detailing from Xpress Recon.

Sharp Items
Automotive vandalism caused by house keys, scissors, knives and razors leave ghastly gashes across your car’s paint and negatively alter the otherwise smooth surface of car doors, hoods and trunks.  When sharp objects invade a car’s paint job, the remaining marks make further paint chipping an obvious result. Contact Xpress Recon to rectify any unfortunate damage done to your vehicle’s paint job by sharp objects.

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