Signs of Professional Auto Detailing

Signs of Professional Auto Detailing

Not all auto detailing is good auto detailing. As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, you also get what you don’t pay for as well. Maybe you can’t tell the difference between amateur car reconditioning and the high quality level of professional car reconditioning and vehicle detailing work from Xpress Recon. But that doesn’t mean that the next individual that you sell your current car to won’t be able to make the distinction.

Strong Recommendations
Be sure to solicit qualified auto detailing choices such as Xpress Recon from trusted friends and family members that have had a positive first-hand experience with the vehicle detailing facility that you are considering entrusting your car to. Find out if they have received rave reviews from online auto detailing website forums and satisfactory ratings from the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.).

Sanding and Filling Scratches
A professional auto detailing shop such as Xpress Recon needs to be addressing paint chipping and car scratches by properly sanding out the unwanted marks and then filling them in to create a smooth surface to paint and add a glossy finish to. Polishing and waxing helps to even out the overall shine and vibrancy of faded or damaged areas on the car’s paint job.

Odor and Stain Removal
Pet and smoke odors can contaminate the interior of a vehicle and leave a vicious and uninviting stench to passengers. Professional auto detailing shops will address these removable smells with various shampoos and enzyme treatments to extinguish foul fragrances. If automobile interior stains from expected origins such as spilled coffee or cola soft drinks aren’t removed, pre-soaked and scrubbed out, you are most likely dealing with a auto detail shop looking to rush through your job and move full speed ahead to the next paying customer.


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